Hysterical Media (Funny or Absurd) Headlines for August 1st:

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Hysterical Media (Funny or Absurd) Headlines for August 1st:

Bottom Line: I've ID'd some in the media as generally being Godless, soulless and slanderous (the Godless/soulless thing is a theory...The slanderous part - that's pretty real). I've decided to grab some of the most outrageous headlines to illustrate the point of just how outrageous it's become. Here are today's examples. For my commentary on these headlines click the audio below. 

Umm...So let's see Obama's deputy AG who might have something to lose if corruption/collusion with former AG's Lynch & Holder is the author of this piece perpetuated by the NY Times...Anyone see any conflict here? 

(This is actually about Scaramucci the record-setting former communications director but still - we finally have our first Satanic headline about the Trump administration from the Times - personally I'm just happy about the implication in a potential belief in something greater than himself) 

Excerpt: We’re six months into the Trump era—and how are you today? I’ve mostly stopped feeling shocked that Donald Trump is the president. I’ve also stopped daydreaming that I live in a parallel universe where the person with the most votes wins—because that would be too weird. My husband and I made a rule that we couldn’t talk about Trump after 10 pm, because we were obsessing so much we couldn’t sleep.

The material here is amazing and wonderful in it's absurdity simultaneously. Once again, if you look at these through the prism of Donald Trump being President, and more elected Republicans serving in the United States since the 1920's...it's pretty hilarious! The air of desperation, advocacy and instructions for their "resistance" is comical. These people really do take themselves completely seriously! 

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