Tampa Black Elected Officials Condemn Floyd Protest Violence

TAMPA -- A statement jointly issued by African-American elected officials in Hillsborough County on tonight's unresst during protests of the George Floyd death in police custody in Minneapolis:

1 DATE: May 30, 2020

RE: Protests and Uprising in Tampa, Florida

We, the Black Elected Officials of Hillsborough County, are deeply disturbed by the destruction that is happening within the City of Tampa right now. Local small businesses are being destroyed, police and sheriff vehicles are being vandalized and violence is occurring against our own fellow residents. We understand the hurt, pain and frustration that our protesters are feeling right now but we must remember, we have to live here tomorrow. We need to look at all methods of expressing our feelings and desires, not just destruction.

We would like to see a Taskforce created in the near future to address all violence within the City. This Taskforce should include activists, leaders in the community and local organizations so that we can stop the unnecessary violence in Tampa and create preventative ways to ensure the safety of all of our residents. As for tonight, please be respectful and safe. Go home and be with your families.

Sen. Darryl Rouson State Rep. Dianne Hart State Rep. Fentrice Driskell State Rep. Wengay Newton County Commissioner Les Miller City Councilman Orlando Gudes School Board Member Tamara Shamburger

Photo: Getty Images

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