Seminole latest Florida county to mandate masks be worn in public

As coronavirus cases continue to surge higher- a mask or face covering will be required to be worn in public in Seminole County beginning Wednesday. Commission Chairman Jay Zembower says it's the best way to slow the spread of the virus--

"It's basically you're playing Russian Roulette with the rest of the public by not wearing a face mask," Zembower says, "if you can't maintain social distancing."

Dr. Timothy Hendrix with AdventHealth Centra Care says it's absolutely the right thing to do--

"This is the single best way we can prevent transmission," Dr. Hendrix said. "I myself have no symptoms right now but in a matter of two days I could wake up with a fever."

Meaning he could have been transmitting the virus asymptomatically to people close by.

Seminole County's mask order is similar to ones already in place in Orange and Osceola counties.

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