Governor says it's time to resume sports competition

As face to face classroom instruction at least partially resumes in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis said Thursday he stands with the state's coaches and athletes who want to resume competition face to face--

"I mean we've obviously got great football, we've got great girl's soccer, vollyball," the governor said. "We're great in baseball. All these things- so many great people have come out of playing athletics in Florida."

Including Florida State University Heisman Trophy winner Charlie Ward who joined the governor at the roundtable in Jacksonville. Ward, who is now a high school basketball coach in Tallahassee, said discipline from a distance doesn't cut it.

"They say, 'what are you going to do if I'm not doing what I'm supposed to do, virtually?'" Ward asked. "But I do know if we have them in our sights or with us, there is some form of accountability."

After his legendary football career ended at FSU, Ward went on to a long career in the NBA.