Another poll shows Florida shaping up to be a nailbiter.

Yet another poll shows Florida going down to the wire in the race for the White House less than three weeks before election day.

The new Mason-Dixon survey of likely Florida voters gives Joe Biden 48-percent to 45-percent for President Trump- which is within the margin of error.

"It seems to be falling into the same pattern we've seen in Florida over the last at least four or five election cycles," pollster Brad Coker says, "where the difference between the winner and loser in a hotly contested race is probably going to be within four percentage points one way or the other."

Coker says Biden appears to be winning the gender gap wars which is giving him his narrow lead--

"Trump leads by 10-percent among men- 51-41- but Biden has a 16-point lead among women 55-39."

And Coker says women make up 51 to 52-percent of the vote in Florida.

President Trump has a solid lead among voters 50 and older while Biden is preferred by younger voters.

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