Palm Beach Hopes To Be First Large County To Offer Vaccine Through Publix

Governor Ron DeSantis has been making the rounds in the state, adding more Publix stores that will offer the COVID-19 vaccine to residents ages 65 and older, but he hasn't expanded that to any large counties yet.

That could soon change, based on a conversation he had Tuesday with Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner.

"Some very good insight on a distribution plan utilizing Publix. I'm going to let the governor make those announcements as those plans are formalized."

Kerner was questioned by reporters immediately after his meeting with DeSantis.

"I think, in the context that it was explained to me in his hope to utilize us as the first large county Publix, I think that we're going to start seeing an uptick."

Kerner says he let the governor know about the need for more doses to serve the 400,000 seniors who live in Palm Beach County.

Photo: Getty Images