Doses of J & J vaccine arrive in Florida

Floridians wishing to be vaccinated against the coronavirus now have 3 options with the arrival of the first doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine which Governor Ron DeSantis thinks will prove to be very popular, especially with certain segments of the population--

"We really believe because J & J is a single dose, that's perfect for people that are in the workforce," the governor said Friday while visiting a new vaccination site at the On Top Of The World retirement community in Ocala. "You can go one time, you can do the shot. You don't have to worry about scheduling the booster."

Governor DeSantis also had a message for younger Floridians.

"The next change is going to be lowering the age from 65 down to either 60 or 55. Most likely we'll do 60 and the next week 55."

The governor said 'stay tuned.' That announcement is coming relatively soon this month.

The other vaccines being distributed in Florida- the Pfizer and Moderna- both require two doses.

Image courtesy Getty