M1 Ball: The silent auction is now live!


< br />When you donate to Mercury One when disaster strikes, every cent goes directly to those efforts. Whether it's a tornado, hurricane or fighting slavery with the Nazarene Fund, all of your support will go to helping people in need.

Once a year we hold an event to help cover our operating costs so that we are able to continue this model. We sell tickets to the event itself, we sell raffle tickets for a chance to win a brand new Mercedes Benz and we hold a silent auction with some amazing entries. If you'd prefer to just donate, we've got you covered there as well.

The silent auction is now live with chances to pick up one of a kind artwork, vacation packages, Apple products and many other things you don't want to miss! Come take a look around and help us to be able to continue serving those in need!

This article originally appeared on Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

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