Odds Are 25:1: DEMOCRATS GOVERN the cities with violent protests, riots,...

< br />Oakland, CA. Las Vegas, NV. Phoenix, AZ. Dallas, TX. Columbus, OH. Madison, WI. Washington D.C. Atlanta, GA. Chicago, IL. Memphis, TN. Portland, OR. Detroit, MI. Need some more? San Francisco, CA. Nashville, TN. Philadelphia, PA. New York City, NY. Los Angeles, CA. The list goes on, and on, and on...With 25:1 odds, Democrats govern the cities where the most VIOLENT protests (riots) have erupted, involving looting, arson, and attacks on innocent Americans. And these are the same mayors who enforced the strictest -- and usually irrational -- lockdown measures when the COVID-19 pandemic began. And, it might not be such a coincidence.

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