The jobs with the best year over year income growth:

The jobs with the best year over year income growth: 

Bottom Line: Glassdoor is out with the best jobs for year over year job growth and I wanted to share it with you because I think it's extremely instructive as to surprising opportunities in our rapidly changing economy. I've heard from many in recent years that believe that unless a career is in technology or medicine – there's not much opportunity for upward mobility/income potential. We're seeing that dynamic shift some. Here are the top ten:  

Year over year increase: 

Java Developer: 6%  

Retail manager: 6.2% 

Web Design: 6.4% 

Truck Driver: 7.3% 

Insurance Agent: 7.4% 

Recruiter: 7.8% 

Attorney: 8.1% 

Restaurant: 8.6% 

Store Manger: 8.9% 

Physical Therapist: 9.7% 

So yes, there are a few of the usual jobs but also quite a bit of perhaps surprising diversity. If it seem odds that three of the top increases came from jobs in retail (which is clearly struggling), it's instructive. During challenging times the top performers in struggling/consolidating industries become that much more important to those organizations. In other words, survivors of negative industry adversity generally can thrive in ways not possible during better times for the industry – so there could be many industries with improving income stories that might not have been on your radar. 

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