Trump effect - The average 401k holder is nearly a $100,000 aire:

Trump effect - The average 401k holder is nearly a $100,000 aire: 

Bottom Line: The good news: Record high average 401k balances. The bad news: everything else. Why?  

On the surface It would seem like a positive that according. According to Fidelity the average balance of $92,500 was an increase of 5% over 2015. Here's the issue... It's only a 5% increase. That's after contributions by employees and employers. Also the S&P 500 increased by nearly 12% last year. In that context it demonstrates that two bad habits still exist 

Tapping one's 401k early 

Not investing in stocks  

If you haven't already evaluated your 401k's performance over the past year – it's time to do so. Seek a professional advisor's assistance if needed. This seemingly good news had the potential to be great. 

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