"Scary" New Drug Called "Gray Death" Heads Here

A deadly new drug is believed to be on its way to local streets.  

Gray Death looks like concrete mix and can be found in different consistencies...from a hard, chunky material to a fine powder.  

It's already claimed lives in Georgia, Alabama and Ohio and Martin County Sheriff William Snyder says his deputies are preparing to face it.  

Gray Death contains a number of powerful opioids, including heroin and fentanyl and because they can be absored through the skin, simply touching the powder puts users at risk, according to authorities.  Snyder has ordered special gear for his deputies when they encounter the drug which will allow them to cover their body, hands and feet and new protocols have been implemented.

Deputies are no longer allowed to test drugs in the field by themselves.  This way one can revive the other with a product called NARCAN if they accidentally overdose.

Click Here for more on this drug from CBS 12.

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