Free Heroin Testing Offered By Local Authorities

The opioid epidemic is no laughing matter, but the Martin County Sheriff's Office is going "tongue-in-cheek" in an apparent effort to get some of the drugs off the streets.

The agency took to Facebook over the weekend to offer a "free service."  The Sheriff's Office post asks "Does your heroin come from poppy plants that are genetically modified?" It also offers to test the drugs at no charge and urges anyone knowning someone selling heroin to message the Sheriff's Office their contact information and they'll be happy to reach out.  

The crisis involving deadly overdoses on heroin and other opioids is front and center in our area.  The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says there were 500 such deaths in 2016.

Gov. Rick Scott has declared the opioid epidemic a statewide public health emergency. 

Photo: Getty Images

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