Money Coming For PBC Residents Whose Trees Were Chopped Down During Citrus Canker Program

Palm Beach County residents who lost their citrus trees in the so-called "war on canker" should be receiving money within the next year.  

Florida's citrus canker eradication program had workers from the state entering the backyards of homes and cutting down citrus trees.  This happened from 1995 to 2006 until the feds put an end to it.  

It was later determined that these homeowners should be paid for the loss of their trees, and juries have awarded additional compensation since 2008, but the money has been slow to come.  

The Florida Legislature this month approved more than $28 million in payouts to residents in Palm Beach County alone, if the governor approves it.  

An attorney leading the fight against the Agriculture Department told the Palm Beach Post that he's confident the money will be recovered next year.

Photo: Getty Images

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