Sober Homes Operator Sentenced To 27 Years

The latest in Palm Beach County's crackdown on sober homes, many of which are operating illegally and not in the best interest of addicts, according to law enforcement.  

The owner of three homes, two of which were operating in the area, has been sentenced to 27 years in prison.  Kenneth Chatman's wife, Laura, will serve three years.  She held the licenses for the facilities since Kenneth was a convicted felon.  

During the trial, prosecutors talked about how Chatman prostituted several of his female residents, and his so-called sober homes were actually known as places where addicts could keep using.  

This problem is closely connected to the opioid epidemic, both of which have crept into nearly every community in Palm Beach County.  

We'll hear from the police chief of North Palm Beach in our feature "Protecting the Palm Beaches" on Friday's Morning Rush.

Photo: Getty Images

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