Boynton Beach To Crack Down On Nuisance Properties

Boynton Beach City Commissioners have voted to move forward with developing an ordinance to crack down on nuisance properties.  This would affect businesses that attract crime.  

If police and fire rescue have to respond more than three times in one month, or seven times in a six month period, the city could deem that business a nuisance property.  

It would also apply to a property, including sober homes, where first responders are called two or more times in 30 days for a drug overdose.  

The city would work with the property as a first step, but if the property owner doesn't work with the city to solve the problems, the city could charge them on their property tax and eventually put the business up for sale.  

A final vote will be taken by the Boynton Beach Commission next month.

Photo; Tetra images RF

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