West Palm Beach Mayor Gives An Update On Mobility Study

You may have noticed some new signs that have popped up at busy downtown West Palm Beach intersections.

"Signs are up all along Okeechobee Boulevard and some other intersections as well, and our police are enforcing it.  It's a $166 fine, if you're caught blocking the box."

Mayor Jeri Muoio says the city has seen a difference already.

"We can see that people are being more attentive to that and we're encouraging people that if you can't make it through the intersection and there's no space for your car to be then don't go."

She also says the consultants who are conducting a mobility study to find safer ways to move people and cars around the city will be looking for the public's input next month.  

We'll get you more details when we get closer, but we know that the event will happen during the week of June 12 and likely will be held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

Mayor Muoio also talks about the Restoration Hardware that's being built in the median of Okeechobee Blvd. between City Place and the Convention Center.  She says part of that mobility study is to look at ways to get people in and out of the store safely.

Image: City of West Palm Beach

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