16,000 Florida Concealed Carry Holders Victimized By Hackers

If you've renewed your concealed carry permit online, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services says some of your information could be in the hands of hackers.  They were able to access the names of more than 16,000 concealed weapons licensees who had renewed online.  

Another 469 customers have been notified that their Social Security numbers may have been hacked, and offered free credit monitoring for a year.  

The agency says the data breach occurred through the online payment system, but the hackers were not able to obtain any financial information.  

Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam says he has ordered a comprehensive review of the department's cybersecurity measures.  

The breach did not affect anyone who renewed their permits at a tax collector's office.

Click Here if you think your information may have been compromised.

Photo: iStockPhoto

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