Secondary Study On West Palm Beach Traffic Troubles?

A meeting was held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center yesterday to deal with how to make Okeechobee Boulevard safer for drivers and pedestrians, but the mayor of West Palm Beach didn't attend.  

We heard from Mayor Jeri Muoio on Monday's Morning Rush about an upcoming workshop in June, where consultants hired to come up with solutions to traffic troubles in the city will update the public and get input on these very same issues that were talked about at the meeting organized by City Commissioner Shannon Materio, the Mayor of Palm Beach and Palm Beach County Commissioner Mack Bernard.  

It was also attended by one-time West Palm Mayor Nancy Graham.  

Muoio called Monday's meeting "a distraction," when speaking with the Palm Beach Post, because it's not part of the mobility study she's commissioned.

Click Here to hear what Muoio told us regarding the study and what she wants to see improved.

Photo: iStockphoto

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