Tiger Woods' Arrest Report: He Had To Be Woken Up At The Wheel

Tiger Woods was asleep at the wheel, according to the arresting officer.  

The police report has been released from Woods' arrest early Monday morning in Jupiter.  

Police found his Mercedes stopped along the right lane of Military Trail, just south of Indian Creek Parkway in Jupiter.  The engine was running, brake lights shining and the right blinker was flashing.  

According to the report, Woods had to be woken up and he was alone in the car.  The officer reported that Tiger's speech was "slow and slurred", but that there were no "odors."  Woods later released a statement, claiming that alcohol was not involved, but that he had an unexpected reaction to a mix of prescription drugs.  The report appears to back that up.  

Woods told the officer that he had just gotten back from golfing in Los Angeles and said he didn't know where he was.  

The golfer pulled out of The Masters earlier this year and recently had back surgery.

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