Local Shelter Provides Dog Flu Shots This Weekend

Rescued Pit Bulls Increasingly Populate Animal Shelters

There's a dog flu outbreak in Florida, and while no cases have been confirmed in Palm Beach County, one local animal shelter isn't taking any chances.  

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League in West Palm Beach will begin providing flu shots for dogs this weekend, something they've never had to do before.  

At least a dozen dogs in north and central Florida have been confirmed to have canine influenza and Peggy Adams CEO Rich Anderson is aware that pets come to them from all areas of the state.  He says the illness spreads very quickly and it can be deadly.  

Peggy Adams will give flu shots to all dogs awaiting adoption, and they'll provide shots for any dogs brought in by their owners for $25, beginning Saturday.  The shots are good for one year.

Photo: Getty Images

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