Athiest's "Satanology" Banner Likely Shuts Down PBC School Board Practice

Parents Call For Childcare Subsidies

The Palm Beach County School District on Wednesday will propose a plan to do away with religious banners on school campuses.  

There are a number of churches and synagogues displaying signs at public schools around the county, including at Boca Raton High.  That's where South Florida atheist Chazz Stevens asked back in November to post a banner promoting "The Church of Satanology and Perpetual Soiree'."  The sign features the line "Give the Devil His Due" and sends people to a website for the "Religious Liberty Project."  

Stevens is the same man who annually posts a "Festivus pole" at the state capitol, referring to a fake holiday featured in the sitcom "Seinfeld."  

Stevens had a lawyer threaten the school district with a lawsuit.  

The new policy, if the school board votes to approve it, would declare all religious organizations to be "inappropriate business partners," along with political candidates and organizations that support political causes or other subjects considered controversial.

Photo: Getty Images

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