Honoring Officer For Walking Dog For Injured Woman

Boynton Beach Police Dept.

For Protecting the Palm Beaches, we honor Boynton Beach Police Officer Jervis Daley.  

A woman called the department this week to thank Daley for going out of his way to help her.  

The woman suffers from a medical condition that makes it hard for her to walk and during a downpour on Tuesday, she flagged the officer down as she attempted to walk her dog.  Without hesitation, she says, Officer Daley hopped out of his car and walked the dog for her, then offered to return and walk her pet on his upcoming days off, while her husband is hospitalized.

We previously honored Daley back in January when he was credited with helping to find a suspect in an armed carjacking outside the city.  The vehicle had been abandoned in the parking lot of Target on Congress Ave.  

That same month, the officer was also credited with the arrest of an alleged drug dealer and the recovery of a stolen gun.

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