Protecting The Palm Beaches: Chief Clarence Williams Touts "Technology-Oriented Policing In Riviera Beach

Police badge

The Police Chief of Riviera Beach recently announced that he will retire in December.  

Chief Clarence Williams has been the leader of the department since 2002, when he came to Palm Beach County from Cincinnati-Ohio.  

Williams told us about his agency's expanded use of technology in law enforcement.  He says the Riviera Beach P.D. was awarded by the Florida Police Chiefs Association last year for being the most innovative large law enforcement agency in the state.  

The chief laid out some of the ways they use technology.

"Among them that I can share of course is our gunshot detection technology, our surveillance canopy throughout the city, our automatic license plate readers, our nuisance abatement vehicle that we deploy to areas of chronic problem for us and it has a chilling effect on behavior in the area."

Chief Williams credits a mix of technological advances and community-oriented policing for bringing the city's crime rate down by more than 50 percent in recent years.

Photo: Tetra images RF

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