Jury Duty Scam Back In Florida

A jury duty scam is making the rounds again in Florida.  

Court officials in Manatee County are warning residents there about the scam, it was reported in Brevard County earlier this year and scammers have targeted Palm Beach County residents in recent years.  

Clerk and Comptroller Sharon Bock has a warning on her website to report anyone that calls, claiming to be from her office and threatening arrest unless you pay for missing jury duty.  The caller, who sometimes claims to be from law enforcement, will also ask for your Social Security number and other personal information, which may include your credit card information.  

Bock and other Florida Clerks of Court, say that if you miss jury duty nobody will call or e-mail you, another way this scam is being conducted.  If you are summoned for jury duty and you miss it, you'll get notification in the mail.  If you ignore that, you could ultimately face a fine or jail time, though you'll be able to explain yourself long before that happens.  

Bottom line though, none of this happens through phone or email.

Click Here for more on this scam and other fraud alerts from PBC's Clerk & Comptroller's office.

Photo: iStockphoto

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