Workshops Underway To Fix Traffic Troubles In West Palm Beach

WPB Mobility Study

Workshops are going on this week on ways to fix traffic troubles in the area of downtown West Palm Beach, and specifically the Okeechobee Boulevard corridor.  

"We want to get as much input as possible from local residents in West Palm Beach, business owners, developers...people that are traveling through to get to work or to get to Palm Beach over the bridge.  We need all of this input to come up with the best possible short, medium and long term solutions for Okeechobee."

Gabe Klein is a consultant and a former Commissioner of Transportation in Chicago and Washington D.C. 

His team from CityFi has been conducting a mobility study, the results of which will be combined with the ideas of attendees of the event called "Mapping the Future", which continues for the next three nights at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.  

Klein shares one piece of his research.

"50 percent of the time when you're on Okeechobee (Blvd.), you're being impacted by a crash."

Findings of both the mobility study and this event will be shared on Thursday night.

To pre-register to attend the meetings, Email:

Click Here for more on the mobility study.

Click Here for more information on Gabe Klein.

Image: City of West Palm Beach

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