Disney World Cracks Down On MagicBand Abuse


Walt Disney World is getting ready to crack down on a practice that may be making it hard to get Fast Passes for some of the more popular rides at the parks.

Annual passholders wear "MagicBands", which hold digital account information and allow you to go online or use an app to book 3 Fast Passes before your visit to any of the four theme parks at Disney World in Orlando, then use the bands around your wrist to present the pass and skip the long lines.  You have to use all three before you can make reservations for another Fast Pass.

Apparently, a loophole has been allowing people to use multiple "MagicBands", thus allowing them to use more than 3 Fast Passes at a time.  These include tour companies that are bringing groups of people to the parks and promising "unlimited Fast Passes".

The issue is the "MagicBands" are linked to a ticket, but not always to an active ticket, so you may have been able to bring someone else's "MagicBand" with you, and used it for Fast Passes on your own.

Disney will now begin checking at attraction entrances to be sure that any bands being used for Fast Passes are linked to an actual admission for that specific day.  Anyone using a "MagicBand" that isn't linked to an admission that day will have their account frozen and be instructed to speak with someone at Guest Relations.

Photo: AFP

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