Protecting The Palm Beaches: The WPB PD's Community Outreach

Police badge

Police Departments across the country are working closely with members of their respective communities, including the West Palm Beach PD, where Chief Sarah Mooney tells us about a program they launched with the help of Mayor Jeri Muoio.

"We have so many different programs that are geared toward doing community outreach.  We work in conjunction with the mayor's 'Village Initiative.'  It's a full service resource connect basically where we're doing job training, community outreach, talks within the community, 'Cops and Kids,' we do basically town hall meetings."

She explains the mission.

"Anything that we can do to get out into the community to show that the police are here to try to help. We're not just here to write you tickets and make arrests.  We're here to make your life better, to make your environment better and to try to contribute in a positive fashion."

Several other local law enforcement agencies have similar initiatives in place as well.

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