Sheriff Ric Bradshaw Requests $26.5 Million in PBC Budget To Hire Deputies

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office star

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw has made his official request for enough money to hire 30 more deputies.  

At a budget meeting Tuesday evening, county commissioners learned the sheriff wants a $26.5 million hike for the next fiscal year.  He says it's needed because of population growth.  

Commissioner Dave Kerner, a former police officer, says it appears they won't have to increase property taxes to pay for more deputies.  He acknowledged that the Sheriff's Office hasn't had new deputies in 10 years.  

The county administrator is only recommending 15 more deputies.  

More public hearings will be held before the final budget is approved in September.

NewsRadio 1290 WJNO has reached out to the Sheriff's Office for clarification on how many deputies are currently on the staff and what type of impact Bradshaw believes adding 30 deputies would have on the community.

Image: Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

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