WATCH: 2 Boynton Officers Purchase Groceries For 91-Year Old Theft Victim

Marie Morgan and Boynton Officers

For "Protecting the Palm Beaches", we honor two police officers who bought groceries for an elderly theft victim.  

91-year old Marie Morgan was grocery shopping last Saturday when a man started talking to her, causing Morgan to turn her eyes away from her purse, as an accomplice stole her wallet.  

Boynton Beach Police Officers Janelle Jumelles and Evan Esteves arrived to investigate and surprised the woman by purchasing her groceries and later showing up at her home with a $60 Publix gift card, to replace the food stamps she lost.  

All of it was caught on body cam video.

Meanwhile, police are still looking for the two men who were caught on Publix surveillance video (top video above). 

Photo/Videos: Boynton Beach Police Department

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