Boynton Moves Closer To Tighter Regulations For Sober Homes

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A crackdown on sober homes is well underway in Boynton Beach where the city commission voted in favor of new rules for business owners planning to open a home.  

The city has already been under a moratorium for any new group homes.  Once a final vote is taken, new sober homes will have to get certified with a local nonprofit called Florida Association of Recover Residences.  

It's one of the new rules city leaders have come up with regarding operators of these businesses, many of whom have been discovered to be doing anything but helping patients get off drugs.  

In many cases, police tell us addicts from northern states are recruited to quote "get sober on the beach" and then provided with drugs so that they keep failing drug tests so the insurance companies will continue to provide the homes with money to treat the residents.  

Palm Beach County has launched a Sober Home Task Force, headed up by the State Attorney's office and it's been working with various municipalities on this problem.

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