45-Pound Rescue Dog Killed By Swarm Of Bees

Beekeepers Report Higher Loss Rates In Bee Populations

A dog was killed by bees in a Boca Raton neighborhood.  

Debbie Leonard says her teenage kids let their dog, Delilah, out in the backyard for just a moment when a swarm of aggressive bees attacked the family pet.  The kids watched it happen, but were afraid to open the door for fear they would let the bees in the house.  

One of the children said there were so many bees on the dog, that you couldn't tell what color she was.  

When Debbie came home, they took Delilah to the veterinarian, who removed more than 100 bee stings and said she developed neurological issues.  She died at the animal hospital.  

A bee keeper was sent to the home to find out where the bees came from and he discovered that there was a feral bee hive in a tree right on the fence line with the next-door neighbor's home.  It was also discovered that the neighbor had a private bee hive just underneath the tree.  

An official with the Florida Department of Agriculture claims that a comb fell from the hive in the tree, agitating the bees. 

Delilah was a rescue dog.  Leonard says she had been found in a dumpster at just two weeks old and the family adopted her at six weeks.

Photo: Getty Images

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