Boca & Jupiter Rank High On Best Beach Towns List, But Safety Is Below Avg

It might not surprise you that six of the Top 10 Best Beach Towns in America are right here in Florida, including one in Palm Beach County. 

According to the website Wallethub, Boca Raton ranks 9th on the list, which is based on a number of metrics. 

Boca has its highest rankings when it comes to "Quality of Life" surprise there either, but it comes in at 116 in the "Safety" category, out of 227 cities ranked.  If that caught you by surprise, Wallethub analyst Jill Gonzalez explains:

"Safety looked at four main metrics here: violent crime, property crime, walkability and finally the number of lifeguards present.  So specifically for that last one, those numbers are pretty low when we're looking both at Boca and Jupiter."

Jupiter's "safety" rank is even lower than Boca. 

Jill says both communities have fewer than 40 lifeguards for every 100 thousand residents.  Jupiter is the 14th Best Beach Town in the U.S. according to this list.

Both municipalities scored well when it comes to violent crime.

"Violent crime ranked 80th in Boca and was 63rd in Jupiter.  That's about 2.1 violent crime incidents per 1,000 residents in Boca and more like 1.7 per 1,000 in Jupiter."

They also both rank above average in every other category.  Jupiter was 5th in "Affordability", while Boca Raton is 18th in "Quality of Life." 

Naples is number one overall.

Click Here for the full list.

Photo: Getty Images

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