Hysterical media headlines (funny or absurd) for October 2nd...

Hysterical media headlines (funny or absurd) for October 2nd... 

Bottom Line: These are you daily doses of nonsense from the generally godless, soulless and slanderous news media... 

 The story is actually fairly well done. I just enjoyed the headline (and The New Yorker is a frequent patron of the Hysterical headlines anyway). 

Are you really this low on material?   

  • Clinton Was Right About White Women--and Their Husbands LuciaGraves, Guardian 

Excerpt: Many had expected Clinton to rally women, the same way Barack Obama rallied black voters in 2008 – and if she had, she would have handily trumped Donald Trump. But while Obama won 95% of the black vote, Clinton won just 54% of women – a percentage point less than her male predecessor atop the Democratic ticket. Among white women in particular, she fared even worse: a slim majority voted for Trump.  

Last week, Clinton, who has had a lifetime to contemplate the women’s vote, copped to having a theory. “[Women] will be under tremendous pressure – and I’m talking principally about white women. They will be under tremendous pressure from fathers and husbands and boyfriends and male employers not to vote for ‘the girl’,” she said in an interview as part of a tour promoting her new memoir of the 2016 campaign. 

By now even many Democrats have come to the realization that Hillary Clinton is easily the worst loser in, at least, modern political history. That makes it all that much sadder when Hillary, nearly a year after an election she lost 30 states to 20, plays the race card, woman card and repression card simultaneously. Now we're to feel sorry for married white women because they were so repressed by their horrible (male) husbands that they weren't allowed to think for themselves in the voting both. This again by the woman who always stood by her philandering man. Puleasseee already! I've said it before and I'll say it again. At a minimum every non-Trump voter should be thanking a Trump voter that Hillary isn't the President.   

So now it's patriotic to politically protest to your clients and customers at work? I missed that one in civics class I guess. I bet that would go over really well though. Why do you try it and report back (you'll have plenty of time on your hands to do so).  

Excerpt: I am a homeland and national security analyst for CNN and for this op-ed page. I keep my emotions in check. 

You just can't make up material as rich as this nonsense. 

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