Important media headlines for October 2nd

Important media headlines for October 2nd:  

Bottom Line: These are the stories you don't want to miss (but probably would if I didn't find them for you). 

Excerpt: While it is truly hard to fathom what Price, a smart guy and successful physician, was thinking in charging taxpayers over $1 million on flights since May alone, let’s be honest: His behavior was just the latest example of the longstanding D.C. tradition of taxpayer dollars being abused by "public servants." These abuses have been perpetrated by both Republican and Democrat administrations and members of Congress (Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez’s ongoing federal corruption trial is evidence of that). 

What's more painful is the blatant hypocrisy of Price's actions. Not too long ago, then-Congressman Price was calling out Democrats for their use of private jets, calling it yet "another example of fiscal irresponsibility run amok in Congress right now." 

Accountability is exactly what's needed. This type of abuse with our money isn't anything new. It's just being held to account now. If people could put down partisan concerns and realize it's our money that's abused - regardless of what party - we'd be far better off. This is also symbolic of the difference of Donald Trump vs. the typical Republican administration. Rather than trying to bury this story and make it go away, he immediately condemned the activity and ensured Price would be accountable to his actions. It may not win him any establishment friends in either party (accountability for these types of activities is the last thing they want). But it's a small example of exactly why he was elected in the first place. 

Excerpt: The Trump plan would slash large and small business tax rates, double the standard deduction for middle-income folks, make the whole tax code simpler by eliminating unnecessary deductions, repeal the death tax, and end the alternative minimum tax. 

As usual, Democrats say the president’s plan is a hand-out to the rich. But in a recent speech in Indianapolis, Trump asked: Why can’t this be a bipartisan tax cut bill? He even quoted Democrat John F. Kennedy, who said, “The right kind of tax cut at the right time . . . is the most effective measure that this government could take to spur our economy forward.” 

Kennedy took the top tax rate down from 90% to 77% and Reagan took the top tax rate from 77% to 28% and what happen to the US economy and tax revenue? They both exploded (in a good way). Obama took the top tax rate up to 39.6% and what happened? He became the first president in US history to not have even one year of 3% economic growth. His administration's growth rate average for eight years...An exceptionally poor 1.8%. Any questions? 

Excerpt: In over half the states, Republicans control the governor’s office, the state Senate, and the state House. Democrats hold all three in only five states. During President Barack Obama’s disastrous administration, Democrats lost over 1,000 federal and state offices.  

This is all due to a single, fundamental problem: Democrats will not admit they are wrong on any issue, but a majority of Americans increasingly think they are wrong on every issue, from taxes, to government spending, deficits and debt, to global warming, to economic growth and prosperity, gun control, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, national defense, and even whether little girls should use the girls bathroom (and showers) and little boys should use the boy’s room (and showers). 

Democrats, like JFK, used to know that they cannot run on economic stagnation, high taxes, gun control, weak national defense, and against the Bill of Rights. You would never have seen Kennedy running on a claim that if elected, thousands of coal miners would lose their jobs, as Hillary did. 

Democrats have lost sight of the American Dream and have no idea how to get it back. Crucially, they don’t understand that the economy never really recovered from the very steep 2008-09 recession. 

JFK's policy positions are ironically more conservative than the GOP establishment's at the moment. The left likes to hold up icons like JFK and MLK. What they don't like to do is actually look at their positions as a guide as to how to govern. By virtue of controlling education in the classroom in a monopolistic fashion, for nearly all but those who can afford to send their children elsewhere this ignorance about the economy, civil rights, etc. perpetuates. It's a little like this for the left these days. Isn't JFK great? Yes! Isn't MLK great? Yes! Can we emulate their policy ideas? Trump is the devil. 

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