October hurricane history - how much of the season is really behind us

October hurricane history - how much of the season is really behind us:  

Bottom Line: The calendar tells us that we're 2/3rd's of the way through hurricane season. The calendar and the timing of tropical systems don't go hand-in-hand however. So, as we wade into October which is memorable for storms like Wilma in 05' and even last year's Matthew scare here's what we statistically have behind and ahead of us. 

It's the third most active month of hurricane season historically (behind September and August). So, let's take a look at how much of the season is really left by using historical storm activity as a guide.   

Going back to 1851 and tracking the Atlantic hurricane season there have been 339 tropical storms in October. That accounts for 21% of all tropical storms. There have also been 204, or 21%, of all hurricanes that have formed during October. 

That's an average 2 tropical storms and about one hurricane during the month. But back to the original question... How far through the season are we statistically? The answer is about 73%. So, the good news is we've cleared nearly three-quarters of what we have to wade through during the typical year.  

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