Hot – It’s Back! The Gun Control Debate After Vegas

Politics as usual in the wake of the massacre in Las Vegas.  House and Senate Democrats are using the tragedy to push for tougher gun legislation, but Republicans say all of the evidence hasn’t yet been discovered in the case.

It’s what congressional Democrats didn’t do in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre.

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., didn’t commandeer the Senate floor for 14 hours and 50 minutes in a filibuster about gun violence.

House Democrats didn’t occupy the floor for more than 24 hours, staging a sit-in to protest the GOP leadership refusing to bring gun legislation to a vote.

Instead, Democrats reverted to what they usually do after a mass shooting.

They held press conferences about guns. And they gave floor speeches about mass violence -- following the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday night in which 59 people were killed and at least 515 others were injured.

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