How intelligent are Google's "Voice" and Apple's Siri? We have answers

How intelligent are Google's "Voice" and Apple's Siri? Your young kids can take them both: 

Bottom Line: We all have our ideas about how accurate (or not) the digital personal assistants may (or may not) be. According to the first related research in over three years by the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Research Center on Fictitious Economy and Data Science has produced IQ's for your favorite (or least digital assistant). The results were interesting and telling. 

First, there are three clearly different levels of AI sophistication at work. The researchers found that...  

  • Google's Voice is the clear #1 
  • Microsoft's Bing is the clear #2  
  • Apple's Siri is the dumbest 

...and Your average six year old is smarter than all of them (which answers a lot of questions). How big is the difference?  

  • Google's IQ: 47 
  • Bing's IQ: 32 
  • Siri's IQ: 24 

Any questions? 

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