Want to hire more effectively? The top tell that you'll make a mistake

Want to hire more effectively? The top tell that you're about to make a mistake:  

Bottom Line: It's all too easy to make a mistake when it comes to hiring. As recent research has shown, there are few mistakes that are costlier in business than hiring the wrong person (as a reminder the average cost of turnover in a position within your organization is 20% of the gross compensation of that position annually). There are no shortage of antidotes and best practices recommended to help you hire more effectively. This latest rec from the senior HR exec at LinkedIn really resonated.   

Brendan Browne, who's the global head of talent for the organization told CNBC in an interview that any candidate that doesn't have substantive questions at the end of the interview is rife with danger. As he put it there's no way that you can cover all important elements within a traditional job interview window. And for a decision as significant for both of you - there should be meaningful questions that pop up (and not just about compensation).  

Outside of entry level starter jobs - that makes perfect sense. Think about life's significant decisions. There are always questions right? When you're buying a car, a home, taking out a loan, etc. why wouldn't there be with something that'll be paying for those aspects of life? Browne stated that the two most likely outcomes of candidates that don't ask meaningful questions are these - they're not inquisitive or collaborative. Since no one is going to be telling you that they're selfish and uncoachable going in the job - you could be doing yourself a big favor by picking up on the signs of those outcomes during the interview.

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