Important media headlines for October 12th:

Important media headlines for October 12th:  

Bottom Line: These are the stories you don't want to miss (but probably would if I didn't find them for you) 

Excerpt: Inside and outside NBC, sources are challenging the network’s take on the bombshell it missed. ‘NBC did everything they could to delay it, complicate it, and ultimately [kill] it.’ 

Credit the Daily Beast for doing what others in the know for two decades have known and have been covering up including networks like NBC and publications like the New York Times. How many people have been victimized because of these corrupt institutions? How can anyone reasonable view them through any prism other than enablers? And the audacity of them to falsify sourcing to slander the President on one hand and play protector of a sexual predator on the other. It's additional evidence of politics above all else for these godless, soulless and slanderous institutions.  

Excerpt: Many people seem shocked by claims from a former New York Times reporter who says the newspaper sat on her 2004 information exposing alleged sexual misconduct by Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. (The Times told Newsweek they would have only withheld information for good reason.) The Weinstein question aside, I can tell you that every day, in newsrooms around the country, stories are killed because powerful people know how to get them killed. 

So, here's the question. When is it that the left will stand up to these corrupt newsrooms and demand integrity? They clearly don't care about what anyone right of center thinks. The only way change will occur is when their core consumers demand it. But will they? Or deep down is the political venom they spew too powerful of a drug to hold them to account?  

Excerpt:  Under President Obama, labor participation hit lows last seen in the late 1970s. So rather than a true reflection of labor market strength, the declining unemployment rate was, in great part, a reflection of the declining percentage of people actively looking for work. What we really want to see is a declining unemployment rate with a higher percentage of people working or actively looking for work, indicating a strong and growing economy. 

In September, that’s exactly what we had. While the unemployment rate declined to a 16-year low, the labor participation rate rose from 62.9 percent to 63.1 percent, exceeding 63 percent for the first time in 42 months. In other words, in September, a smaller percentage of people were unemployed while the workforce expanded because a larger percentage of people were working or actively looking for work.  

That is very positive economic news. An even better indicator of labor market strength than the official unemployment rate is what the BLS calls the U-6 unemployment rate, a broader measure that many economists consider the real unemployment rate. It counts people as unemployed for a year after they give up their job search, rather than just 30 days, and discounts the importance of part time jobs by counting people as unemployed who are working part time because they are unable to find full time jobs. 

At 8.3 percent, this measure has dropped more than a percentage point since January, when President Trump took office, and is at its lowest level since June 2007, six months before the recession began. 

This picks up on the facts I covered in my three-part monthly series on Monday. It also highlights the issues with the monthly jobs figures last month due to the methodology and emphasizes the importance of the real unemployment rate which I've covered for you monthly for years as well. Here's the bottom line right now.  

  • Base unemployment rate is the lowest in 16 years 

  • Real unemployment is the best in ten years 

  • Wage growth is the best in ten years 

  • Labor participation is the best in four years   

  • Corporate profits are at all-time highs 

  • The stock market is at all-time highs amid a record run since last November's election 

So, is it still the economy stupid? If so Donald Trump has been more successful via killing 800+ regulations on businesses in his first eight months than Barack Obama was in eight years. 

Until tomorrow...

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