Most of us haven't done anything to protect our ID or financial information

Most of us haven't done anything to protect our ID or financial information: 

Bottom Line: We're all familiar with the concept of playing with fire. Do it enough and you'll get burned. Yet that's happening an awful lot these days. In the wake of the Equifax hack conducted a two-week research study to attempt to discern how many people were at high risk of being victimized by the breach. The answer...About 75%  

They discovered that only 61 million Americans have done anything to attempt to protect themselves. What's more is that they discovered that 71 million adults hadn't even heard of the Equifax breach! Yikes, ten million more people that are completely clueless about what's going on than those who've done anything to protect themselves. Here's the bottom line. If you haven't done anything to check in on your credit, your status with the Equifax hack, ID protection, etc. You're playing with fire. You may not realize it for a while but the risk of getting burned is currently higher than it's ever been.  

When someone is attempting to steal your identity it's incredibly stressful when you're doing everything you can to protect yourself and stop them (I went through this for months just earlier this year). When you're not doing anything, and don't find out until they are you. That's unimaginable. At a minimum you want to check in on the Equifax site and use the free Trusted ID protection they're offering if you don't already have a service.  

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