Important media headlines for October 13th:

Important media headlines for October 13th:  

Bottom Line: These are the stories you don't want to miss (but probably would if I didn't find them for you) 

Excerpt: No: there’s scant evidence to support the trendy implicit-bias theory. 

At first look I thought this might be a candidate for the Hysterical headline category but upon review found that it's exceedingly well presented. It challenges the theoretical notions advanced that deep down we're inherently all racists. Here's the truth, we all do have biases, right? What's your favorite food? What's your favorite sport? What's your favorite color? Now does that mean that due to your bias's your anti-everything else?  

My favorite food is Italian but I enjoy most genre's. My favorite sport is baseball but I've enjoyed football, basketball and hockey. My favorite color is blue but I'm a fan of all earth tones. It very well may be that most people are predisposed to preferences based on any number of circumstances. That doesn't mean inherently you're against all else. This tripe that racism is suddenly pervasive. There is good and evil but no one is purely good and no one is purely evil. There will always be racists and bigots too but what's happened is that by virtue of "the race card" being played by non-victims - like hero-worshiped mega-millionaire athletes, prominent media people and the former first family - it's brought out the worst in many people who again are inclined to put politics above all else.    

Excerpt: Farrow had a lot of material already. In March, he had acquired a damning and much-coveted audio recording in which Weinstein admits to having groped an Italian model. He had interviews with former executives and assistants who’d worked closely with Weinstein who spoke about the culture of harassment and abuse he perpetrated. And now he had someone ready to accuse Weinstein of rape, on camera.  

He had been told by executives at NBC News that he didn’t have enough reporting to go on air with his Weinstein story, according to four sources, and he had been told by the network to stop reporting on it. NBC tried to put a stop to the interview with the woman accusing Weinstein of rape. The network insisted he not use an NBC News crew for the interview, and neither was he to mention his NBC News affiliation. And so that was how Ronan Farrow wound up paying out of his own pocket for a camera crew to film an interview.  

At an NBC News town hall Wednesday, NBC News President Noah Oppenheim said: “The notion that we would try to cover for a powerful person is deeply offensive to all of us. We were on that long list of places that chased this thing, tried to nail it, but weren’t ultimately the ones who broke it.”  

 “We reached a point over the summer where we, as an organization, didn’t feel that we had all the elements that we needed to air,” he said.  

Yet interviews with 12 people inside and outside NBC News with direct knowledge of the reporting behind Farrow’s story suggest a different cause of death. All of the sources who spoke to HuffPost asked not to be named, either because they weren’t authorized to speak to the media about the story or because they were fearful of retribution from NBC News executives. These sources detailed a months-long struggle within NBC News during which Oppenheim and other executives slow-walked Farrow’s story, crippling it with their qualms and irresolution. 

Toward the end, the concerns seemed to take on a personal tone, and it became difficult to tell where the Weinstein team’s attempts to discredit the story left off and NBC News’ editorial forbearance began. 

Falsifying sources to slander the President. Attempting to undermine national security to achieve a political objective. Covering up for a sexual predictor. Any wonder why Brian Williams was able to lie with impunity as NBC's top news guy until he was personally exposed? A complete culture of corruption at NBC News. So, for those critical of the President calling NBC News "Fake News". What's your excuse for them now?  

Excerpt: Democrats are being overwhelmed by the identity politics and socialism of progressives. Republicans are torn asunder between upstart populist nationalists and the calcified establishment status quo. Yet for all the social instability and media hysteria, life in the United States quietly seems to be getting better. The economy is growing. Unemployment and inflation remain low. The stock market and middle-class incomes are up.Business and consumer confidence are high. Corporate profits are up. Energy production has expanded. The border with Mexico is being enforced. 

Yeah but Donald Trump's President so the sky is falling right? It's ironic that for eight years we had a president who said all of the right things but enacted policy that failed Americans. For eight months we've had a president who says a lot of questionable stuff but has taken action that's been extremely positive for Americans. The hatred of Trump by so many leftists is once again evidence that it's politics over people because the real outcomes tell the real story.  

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