Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for October 16th:

Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for October 16th: 

Bottom Line: These are you daily doses of nonsense from the generally godless, soulless and slanderous news media... 

Excerpt: It’s tough to be a Republican in Washington these days. You’d think that winning the White House and both houses of Congress in an unexpected upset would have been good for the Party’s morale. But it has not turned out that way. In between beating up on Hillary Clinton and Mexicans and the “enemies of the people” in the press corps, the President has taken on members of his own party with particular relish. 

I'll side step the low-hanging fruit in that excerpt (mainly that Hillary is a victim and Mexicans have been beaten up by Trump) and get right to the point. How many polished Republican politicians did Trump beat for the nomination? How many times did he say that the swamp only included Democrats? What so many establishment types seem to forget is that from the origin of the Tea Party movement in 2010 to Donald Trump's election last year - we're exhausted with politics as usual. So is Donald Trump. And as it pertains to you - does it matter if it's Chuck Shumer that votes no to repeal and replace Obamacare? Does his vote count more than John McCain's? So, what's the difference? And that's what the establishment types seem clueless about these days... 

Points to the NY Times for the creativity on this one. But one question. How many women have been raped by Harvey since you spiked the espouse by one of your reporters on him in 2004? 

Well let's see... 

  • Base unemployment rate is the lowest in 16 years  

  • Real unemployment is the best in ten years  

  • Wage growth is the best in ten years  

  • Labor participation is the best in four years    

  • Corporate profits are at all-time highs  

  • The stock market is at all-time highs amid a record run since last November's election  

Yes, the end must truly be near!!! 

Until tomorrow...    

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