Trending – NFL & Players Meet, But No New Ground Was Broken

NFL owners and players met in New York yesterday, but didn't come up with an answer to the national anthem protests.  Eleven owners and 13 players attended the meeting which was described as "positive" and "constructive," but didn't break any new ground on the protests.  NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said the league isn't forcing players to stand during the anthem.

In a meeting between NFL players and owners Tuesday in New York, the topic of a rule change regarding behavior during the national anthem was reportedly never discussed, despite growing tension over the matter across the league and the nation.

NFL owners and executives met with members of the NFL Players Association for their annual fall meeting, where the topic of the players protesting during “The Star Spangled Banner” was expected to come up. But a rule change over the matter never did, according to reporters in the room.

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