Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for October 19th:

Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for October 19th: 

Bottom Line: These are you daily doses of nonsense from the generally godless, soulless and slanderous news media... 

Well done National Review! We should all remember that Colin Kaepernick didn't decide he couldn't bear to stand for the anthem/flag and must protest the police until he was a benched third string quarterback in San Francisco no less! 

Excerpt: Say what you will about Trump: He was definitive, and did not lack for boldness in his appeal to white resentments and rage.  

What if Democrats were as bold and definitive as he, but for universal health care, sane immigration reform, a living wage, fixing the broken justice system, jobs training and day care for families on public assistance, addressing climate change, and not blowing up the world in manhood-measuring contests with Asian dictators? 

Wow, really wow. So, walking right past the "white resentments and rage" race-baiting non-sense for a moment. Universal healthcare, a living wage, government provided day care. What would separate Democrats from socialists exactly? Will you at least be honest about the desire to turn the United States into a socialist state? And not to get bogged down into pesky things like details but where exactly is a country $20 trillion in debt going to obtain the means to enact this socialist revolution still masquerading as the Democrat party?  

Excerpt: Kimmel’s politics have the bent of evolution, if not downright revelation: He was blind and now he sees, and what he sees is gutting him. This is part of what makes Kimmel so hopeful even when he, himself, is hopeless: Who, in this America, is really open to having their minds changed? Who, in this America, thinks we share anything, let alone common sense? Jimmy Kimmel, that’s who.  

Easy Willa, he's a married man. Also, anymore and all of the rest of us who can think for ourselves might part ways with breakfast.  

Well, if the New York Times says it. It must be true. 

Until tomorrow...

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