Important headlines for October 19th:

Important headlines for October 19th:  

Bottom Line: These are the stories you don't want to miss (but probably would if I didn't find them for you)... 

Excerpt: What you see is over and over they publish really inflammatory stories that turn out to be totally false and what happens in most cases? Nothing. They get enormous benefits when they publish it recklessly. 

According to Washington Post polling of journalists prior to the 2016 Election cycle only 7% of news professionals ID'd as Republicans. By a near 4 to 1 margin they ID'd as Democrats and during the 2016 cycle over 90% of industry professionals who donated money to candidates/campaigns supported Democrats. That sets the stage for the rest of the story.  

There's a pervasive leftist vibe in the industry generally. Overtime with the increased editorial presentation of news (advent of 24/7 news channels, digital outlets, etc.) it became acceptable to overtly slant coverage of news. During the George W. Bush Presidency, the slant became progressively more noticeable and in the advent of the Trump Presidency - there often isn't even pretense of objectivity in the presentation of many stories. Because of the comfortable leftist culture in the industry slandering the President and conservative agenda items has become standard operating procedure. Without a culture demanding credibility from on high only ratings and revenue will determine the future of news reporting. That's where you come into play. But be mindful that the most pervasive form of media bias still isn't what you're confronted with by media outlets. It's omitting information.  

Excerpt: Tax reform, as proposed by the recently released Republican leadership framework, would bring long overdue relief to hardworking taxpayers who haven’t benefited from the stock market surge of recent years. Eight years into the economic recovery, recent surveys find four in five workers still live paycheck to paycheck, and two-thirds of those earning $40,000 a year or less can’t cover an unexpected $400 expense. 

And that's the real point here. Most in media discuss Washington policy outcomes as though they're sporting events and they're describing which team is winning. The greater point is that there's a real need for reforms. On Inauguration Day 80%, 80%! of Americans said we needed healthcare reform. 77% said we needed tax reform. How often do eight in ten people agree on anything? The point is that there has been a real need for the average person. Healthcare isn't affordable. Our tax code/burden (that only increased under the Obama administration) has weighed down families already struggling financially and often without a raise in many years. That's what is really at stake here and if the politicians don't do what they said they'd do given the opportunity they don't deserve to be re-elected.  

Yes, rather than calling ISIS the JV team we've been killing them and reclaiming territory stolen by the terrorists. Yes, rather than paying Iran a billion dollars for hostages and giving them a deal that allows them to continue their nuclear program in secret (wink, wink), we're asserting that they aren't holding up their end of the deal by refusing access by UN inspectors. Yes, rather than having a North Korean dictator believe he can operate with impunity launching missiles as he pleases, he's but put on notice that he'll be taken out if he continues down that path. Yes, rather than freely and openly accepting ever growing numbers of refugees without any documentation at tax-payer expense - there's a process to more effectively vet refugees. You get the idea. Yeah, thankfully Obama's foreign policy legacy is disappearing.  

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