Part 1 - What's really behind the bipartisan healthcare plan

Part 1 - What's really behind the bipartisan healthcare plan what it means to you:  

Bottom Line: Arguably the timing of President Trump's executive action to end the illegal payments of your tax dollars to insurance companies was a negotiating tactic. As of now individuals aren't impacted but many participating Obamacare insurance companies will be starting tomorrow. The first scheduled payments to insurance companies since President Trump's executive action ending them, would have occurred tomorrow. This naturally has caused an uproar within the insurance industry. The very insurance industry that's a heavy hitter with political donations. I did a little digging and low and behold...what industry has been the biggest contributor to co-sponsoring Senator Lamar Alexander since 2013? Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare. What company is the single biggest donor to him over that period? Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  

A quick review of co-sponsoring Senator Patty Murray revealed that while Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare aren't the top category (attorneys are), they're top three and the total dollar amount given to her has exceeded the total donations to Lamar Alexander. And yes, Blue Cross/Blue Shield is also one of her top donors as well.  

I'm sure that's all just one big coincidence and the effort is completely altruistic on your behalf but something tells me President Trump had this info in hand when he fired his salvo at the health insurance companies. All year they haven't passed the meaningful healthcare reform 80% of voters said was needed in January. But to this point the only ones left holding the bag were us taxpayer types. Both in the form of unaffordable healthcare costs and by having our tax dollars illegally fleeced by the government to pay insurance companies. But now the insurance companies will begin to feel the pain so now it suddenly matters that much more to certain members of Congress that just happen to benefit heavily from political donations from insurance companies. The odds are, as usual, you'll not get this information anywhere else so please take this and share it with your friends. In the 2nd part I'll actually breakdown what the initial draft of this deal would mean to you and me. 

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