Part 2 - What's really behind the latest bi-partisan healthcare plan

Part 2 - What's really behind the latest bi-partisan healthcare plan what it means to you:  

Bottom Line: It appears as though the initial draft crafted by a bi-partisan group of Senators that coincidentally happen to be significant recipients of political donations by insurance and healthcare related companies (see part 1) is unlikely to proceed as crafted as President Trump has distanced himself from the proposal and House Speaker Paul Ryan has denounced it. That being said it's the only proposal currently being worked on in Congress and may have the potential to become law so what's in it and what would it mean to you?  

  • It would reinstate the insurance subsidies to insurance companies for exchange based polices for two years 

  • States, rather than the federal government, would decide what insurance plans would be available within their states 

  • It would allow any health insurance plan purchased by an individual (including catastrophe plans) to meet the ACA mandate (to avoid the tax) 

  •  It would allow for insurance plans to be sold across state lines  

With the ACA as it sits right now, this would represent marginal improvement. The ability for states to decide on insurance plans. The ability for those who only want catastrophe insurance to be able to buy it once again and meet federal mandates in the process. The ability to have access across state lines should certainly provide improved options and price competition.  

The negatives that remain are rather obvious. The individual and employer mandates would still be in place. It still embraces the insurance-first model. It's only for two-years and potentially would enable to politicians to put the bigger issues down the road again. I'll keep you posted if/when things change. 

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