Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for October 23rd:

Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for October 23rd: 

Bottom Line: These are you daily doses of nonsense from the generally godless, soulless and slanderous news media... 

Excerpt: Across an array of domestic and foreign challenges, Trump's go-to move has become to create what amounts to a political hostage situation. He's either terminating, or threatening to terminate, a series of domestic and international policies adopted by earlier administrations -- and insisting that others grant him concessions to change his mind. 

And this is a bad thing why? I understand that someone who'd be willing to overlook and vote for a woman who literally put self-interest above national security is not exactly going to be the arbiter of common sense wisdom but the cluelessness and hypocrisy is astounding. This just in. Trump was elected because Americans were fed up with politics as usual that sold out our interests. It's nearly been a year since the election and they still don't get it. 

Frederica Wilson & the 'Hate Trump' Brigade Hit New Low Stuart Varney, FOX News 

Excerpt: Let’s be clear what happened here. Fredericka Wilson is part of the left's hate Trump brigade. She deliberately inserted herself into the president's condolence call and used it for political purposes. That is low indeed. 

The media jumped on it. There were endless headlines like this: “Trump disrespected gold star mom.” 

And on Friday morning, after General Kelly’s passionate rebuke, we got this from Hillary Clinton’s campaign aide, Brian Fallon: 

"Kelly isn't just an enabler of Trump. He's a believer in him. That makes him as odious as the rest. Don't be distracted by the uniform." 

And there it is. Don't be distracted by the uniform. Straight out of Rules for Radicals. Never pass up an opportunity no one matter it is if you can attain political gain. We're truly in an age in which nothing is sacred in certain political circles and there isn't as much that unities us as divides us in many cases. There was a time in the wake of 9-11 in which there clearly was still more that united us. That's sadly no longer the case because even death of our heroes is a Rules for Radicals opportunity to try to tear down the President in the name of politics.  

This was Slate in October of 2008: Vote for Obama. McCain lacks the character and temperament to be president.  

This was Slate in September of 2004: Yes on Schwarzenegger. No on Bush & the day after the Election in 2004: Why you keep losing to this idiot 

This was Slate in 2012: "Why we chose Obama": Full disclosure: There is probably a 0-percent chance I will ever vote for a Republican presidential candidate in my life. But Romney is particularly unappealing; I’m appalled by his apparent inability to empathize with people who are less advantaged than he is. 

But now we should be listening to the people who "lacks character and temperament", is an "idiot" & is unappealing even by typical Republican standards. Gee I wonder what's changed so radically? Oh, right, anyone who's critical of current elected Republicans...You really do think we're that stupid? 

Until tomorrow...

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