Important headlines for October 24th:

Important headlines for October 24th: 

Bottom Line: These are the stories you don't want to miss (but probably would if I didn't find them for you)... 

Excerpt: Consider the words of an article from 2014 by Neal Gabler, in it, the author cites an Experian Simmons study, noting, in clearly accusatory terms, that 83% of NFL fans were found to be white (sin of sins!), “64% were male, 51 percent were 45 years or older, only 32% made less than $60K per year,” along with the fact that “registered Republicans were 21% more likely to be NFL fans,” and finally, that “NFL fans were 59% more likely than the average American to have played a round of golf in the last year.”  

Again, if you want to make the NFL into a political protest followed by a game played under protest (which no fan I've talked to ever did), the story doesn't end well for the ignorant, ungrateful players joining in the protest or for the gutless unprincipled owners and commissioner. The average NFL fan, based on demographics, voted for Donald Trump and pay to watch entertainment. Not to be served up political protests by millionaire athletes.  

Excerpt: The vast majority of the Americans support such reform. A September ABC News/Washington Post poll finds that four-in-five Americans support tax cuts for working- and middle-class people. A September NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds three-in-five respondents say small business tax cuts would be good for the economy. And a recent Politico/Morning Consult poll finds the same number of Americans support the small business and middle-class relief the Republicans’ united tax framework would provide. 

The question is really if Congress is still more interested in representing us via our expressed desires compared to what they think we need. As I've recently highlighted, it's beyond coincidental that bipartisan healthcare reform that saves the subsidies to healthcare companies popped up immediately after the President took action to end their illegal subsidies. It wasn't a priority in January when 80% of Americans said we needed healthcare reform but if the donors - strike that - providers of health insurance don't get their freebies from taxpayers - damn we'd better act fast!  

I want to be optimistic about tax reform but have no recent history for optimism. Already it appears as though the BS political narrative about taxing "the rich" is winning out with a 4th tax bracket to ensure "the rich" get hosed as much as possible in the name of politics. 

Excerpt: He graduated from Miami Carol City Senior High School in 2010 and worked at Walmart in the produce section. “They used to call me produce boy,” he later wrote when posting a Throw-Back Thursday photo of himself grinning among the fruits and vegetables. His cheerful work ethic was embodied in another brief posting. 

He wondered aloud if the blessing of working days full time rather than part-time nights was due in part to his faith.“Church was great...See god good now I'm getting morning shifts... and 40 hours... do right by god he do right by you! It’s true”. He also wrote of his ambitions.“I KNO I'M NOT PERFECT BUT ALL I WANNA DO IS MAKE THE BEST OF LYFE... SEE ME EVERYDAY I WAKE UP TO SEE WAT I DID TO MAKE TODAY BETTER THAN YESTERDAY.” 

Sgt. La David Johnson was an American Hero. He appears to also have been an incredibly good person. It's a tragedy that if we're to have conversation based on his death - it isn't about this. He deserved better.  

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